Learn the Art of Resin with Bree

Saturday, December 8th, we will meet around my studio table to do two layers of resin artwork together on a canvas that will be yours after its dry! You will learn techniques of bubbling, how to use fire, proper mixing and much more.


9 - 10:30am: layer one - techniques of applying a new coat of resin on a dry one, adding color, and torching.

Break: go have fun on North Shore, get lunch at Turtle Bay or relax at Bree’s pool!

3:30 - 5pm: layer two - applying resin on a tacky coat, adding color or a clear coat if you prefer. Lesson on bubbling and care for piece.

*time may run over so please prepare for that.

Dec. 9th pick up of completed piece - next day between 9am & 10am (or I can ship artwork to you)

Once you reserve your spot with payment, you will get a downloaded file with everything you need to know and bring with you on the day of the workshop!

Thank you! And see you soon!

3 spots left

*This class is intended to cultivate creativity for you to bring home and practice for yourself. We ask that no copies of Bree’s original artwork will be recreated for personal business in the future.

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