I love collaborating with other artists and craftsmen as it expands our persepctive and creativity. It opens a world we didnt know was there and I enjoy seeing what others can do to change my artwork in such creative ways. Below are works created in collaboration with others that are available to purchase.


Collaboration with  Nina Brooke

Collaboration with Nina Brooke


Nina contacted me when she was on her way to Hawaii and wanted to meet up. Of course I was excited that another aerial artist with a refreshing take on the beach scene wanted to get together. We got to work on a duo show and showcased this work we both created together. This is one of my favorites and thinking of doing a print of it possibly. See blog post/show on it here



Collaboration with  Jack Soren

Collaboration with Jack Soren


We collaborated on a piece of plywood with some more abstract resin ocean background. See blog post on it here.