A true one-off, this collaboration piece with Matt Parker/Album Surf was featured in the "Above & Below: A Collaboration of Perspectives" art show in San Clemente, Ca. Created to accompany Bree's "Above The Fun" art piece, small painted figures and shapes can be viewed enjoying the warm sea and white wash of this above-earth perspective piece. One of Bree's drone images is visible as an inlay "X" on the top deck. Fine surfboard craftsmanship is displayed with classic glassed-on fins, creative outline, and a mixture of glossy and matted textures. 

*artwork “Above The Fun” in sale section of the website is the sister piece to this board.

Resin tints and acrylic on surfboard | 5'4" x 20.5" x 2.5" Symphony model 

Surfboard shaped by Matt Parker of Album Surf 

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