Here are some thoughts, photos, and video of my collaboration with Matt Parker of Album Surf. Photos and words down below video, so be sure to scroll through! Love you guys! Thank you if you supported in person or from far away!

This past Thursday, I had the wonderful opportunity to host a collab art show with Matt Parker in San Clemente, Ca. About three weeks prior to the show, we talked about the idea of doing a collaboration while I was still in California for the summer. It went something like this...

Matt - "Hey Bree, so when are we going to collab on a board?"

Me - "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing!? Wait, really!?"

Matt - "Yeah, let's do it."

Me - "Okay!"

A week later, Matt began shaping two boards and we decided to do an art show at his Album shop. Matt came up with the title "Above & Below: A Collaboration of Perspectives." Since much of my artwork is above-Earth perspective, and Matt creates surfboards that go beneath people's feet, "Above & Below" fit perfectly. 

I let Matt know that I wanted to create a large piece for the show that had black tones in it. This played into the theme of the show as well with what we commonly would link with below as darkness and the color black. 

Matt chose two of his surfboard models to be featured in the show - a Symphony model and Darkness (what better suited name for the show is there?!) model. 

A few days passed. Matt was was done shaping and the boards were hot-coated and ready for me to paint. 

It was a great pleasure to work with Mauricio and everyone else at Lights Out Glassing. They were all a big help in figuring out how to work with my resin to achieve the matted and glossy look. 

For the Symphony model, I chose to go Above by keeping the colors light. It's an abstract that resembles a beautiful body of water with whitewash sporadically washing through the entire bottom of the board. A big inspiration for me in this artwork were my days spent at Ehukai Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu. When a big swell has come through it will create playground of a sandbar. The waves will get smaller and sun will shine creating beautiful blues and teals in the water. It's a good time, and everyone loves it. 

I added in the figures and characters to help convey this emotion and personal experience. I painted them in a playful nature because that's the purpose of this peace, which accompanies my "Above the Fun" art piece also painted for the show.

The larger board is the Darkness model. To keep in line with the theme of show and board, I painted a darker Maralto stlye above-Earth visual. The tail is black and ombres through a rich blue and eventually ending in a broad blanket of teals and subtle light blues. 

I LOVED how Matt designed the top-deck with the "X." On the Symphony, that "X" is inlaid with one of my drone images. 

These boards are one of a kind originals and have a whole lot of love in them. I love the details that went into creating each of them and how those details can be seen when looked at closely. We had everything finished with the boards on the morning of the show. That kept things exciting...

The art show was so much fun. I am so grateful to all those that came in to support and check out our artwork. There were a lot of people that I saw and didn't get a chance to talk to. If you were there and we didn't get to talk, I am sorry! It was a blast with tacos, AWESOME music from Lola Music - @lola.jeel (Jill Baylon - She is great, make sure to check her out on Spotify)!, art, surfboards, family and friends. This was one of my favorite art shows, and I just wanted to thank all of you that support me and helped make it so enjoyable!  

The pieces and boards that I created for this show are now available in my shop!

If you have any more questions about these pieces, please feel free to ask me! Thank you again! 

"BEACH PARK SYMPHONY" - 5'4" X 20.5" X 2.5"


"ABOVE & BELOW DARKNESS" - 6'9" X 20.5" X 2.75"