Story Time

Back in college I met this girl Courtney (she goes by the name Elle). She had come to a yoga class on the blue deck years ago with this idea of a swimsuit company. I told her right then and there after my yoga class that I will do whatever she needs, so that I can support her. It's been amazing to watch her grow and flourish into a brand where girls feel beautiful in. It's truly an art: (swimwear design) for girl's bodies - and man she makes girls feel sexy with that retro crotch and long legged feel.  

Years have gone by in our relationship and she has seen me graduate from art school and turn my passion for painting into the real deal. I have seen her expand and grow, its been a pleasure to watch. She did a little interview here on this post & giveaway rules are at the bottom :)

Photog of this little Bronco shoot: Asher Lundquist haha the butterball of the Lundquist family.