(styled by Mona)

(styled by Mona)


Having Greenroom Gallery kind enough to take me on as an artist, was one of the best decisions I have made thus far in my career. They are gentle with my artwork and promote it better than I can. Handling my shipping, to customer service to even inviting me in to talk to a new owner of an art piece makes it feel like my art is in a good place.

The "expectations" they have had for me have always been so low. They expect me to give them my art and that's it. Of course I work hard and hold up my end of this unwritten agreement, but Yohei and the guys over there are so kind & really take care of me. In Hawaii and many city galleries 50% taking is standard. If you would ever like to get ahold of my art for the time being it resides in GreenRoom Gallery in the International Marketplace near the new Free People.

Thank you to all that attended and helped with the making of this art show (in junction with Nick Kuchar Art & Design Co.)

** Thank you to everyone that has helped me throughout my "baby" career as an artist (since April 2016). I have a lot to learn & feel so humbled by all the greats that have come before. And a special thanks to all the guy(s) in the video below as they have never held high expectations and have always been so gentle with me as an artist.


MUSIC by A.J. LeGrand & his wife



This board means a lot to me, shaped by Raynor. Behind the scenes a lot goes on to making a board. It is not a simple task, so thank you for being patient with me as I navigate board painting. I've got lots of years and mentorship to go until I can glass my own board.