I get asked all the time why I created my instagram name "justbree". For a while the answer was simple, I was just Bree, only Bree. Not Breana, Brianna or "Brie Cheese", my name is just Bree.  

But that changed when I met a man that would be my man, my partner for the "eternities". Was I JustBree anymore? Then I started to feel like I was becoming "someone" in this world.

Loved fully by my man, I was becoming a creator of art and lover of aesthetics, ocean and people. I found my Heavenly Father again. I am a yoga teacher, a surfer, a sister, wider, daughter, friend, traveler, painter, artist, videographer, business partner and many other "labels".

I LOVE those labels if that means the sum of them equals "justbree". so justbree I will stay forever. 

I got an email months ago from this guy Andrew Storer who wanted to create a mini docu about me - and as this has happened before - I am always hesitant. But his vision was simple, just capturing what I love in an elegant way. Months ago I said yes, months later the final video is complete, and for months/years later I will still cherish the capturing of this time in my life.

A time when I was starting to feel a grasp on who I was, but also fighting those labels during the filming of this. I didn't want to be just Bobby's wife, or just that one girl that paints, or just a girl from California. I wanted to be called "artist" from those in the art industry, to be "wife" to Bobby, to be called "traveler" by those who know what it is like to travel to foreign places.

Fake it till you make it people. Good advice, but also see the other end of that spectrum: be honest with yourself. Find your limits, exit your box, go back into your cage, and bridle those passions like you would a flower. 

Ask any artist that is working on a big project that stays in its "work-in-progress" phase - it is hard to stay motivated to complete that project. Andrew (the artist of this video) was patient with my busy work schedule and kind enough to let me in as a friend. Grateful for the experience, as the making of this video means a lot more to me than the final piece. Beautiful art makes this world a prettier place, but the people in this world have the honor of making this world a more joyful place.

Cheers to happiness, human connection & the art that brings us all together.