Tonight I started a new painting. This song came up in my playlist as I was coming out of the most "zoned out" process of my painting. I was finishing what I needed to do on the painting when this song came storming into my brain. I cried, like broke down bawling. For those who dont know me personally...I dont cry happy tears very often so when this hit me I felt the weight of stresses lift away & I dove head first into inspiration tonight. I have a lot to jot down for my own personal notes, but I wanted to share this video.

It (the inspiration) came at a perfect time as I just had my first public speaking event. 

I have said no to a couple previous speaking events in the past because I really feared I wouldn't make a fool of myself and be seen as worthless while talking about myself. But this one was special because it was at the college I studied at. And special today is. I was reminded why I do what I love and the inspiration right now had never been stronger. 

I would like to talk to the artist of Sleeping At Last real quick. Ryan I have no clue who you are, I just saved this song on my painting playlist via some Spotify playlist a week ago, but thanks for making my night. This song impacted me so strong tonight...your lyrics, your calm flow of melody, the way it can calm me down, and the way I was painting when your song came on. I was moving the paint the pace of your song. Overall, I am grateful for this song. I hope you like my artist's rendition of your song. I directly related to each and every lyric it still brings me to tears.

I've been saving these video clips for my next inspiration song and I found it. If you watch the entire video (youtube version) I needed to fill space for length purposes. So I used footage and instead of curating it perfectly (or edit out the harsh movements); I am giving you (whoever you are reading this) a look into my flight path on my journey to find the calmest moments in the seascapes. Enjoy.

May 4th, 2017 || posted at 2am



HGB 275


(arrive 5-10 minutes early to get a seat)


Today I am giving a lecture and all are invited because of technology nowadays (comment where you are listening in from!). The presentation starts via instagram "live" will start around 11 and end at noon (hawaii time).

This post is for all those joining via online. First let me thank you for thinking Im good enough to sacrifice an hour out of your day to listen to the advice I have to give. I am constantly blown away by how rad we can all be connected via technology.

Let your curiosity run wild. Let yourself absorb the teachings the world is offering, so treat this like a class/creativity workshop; no matter your age take notes for yourself, to keep track of questions you wanna explore deeper. *maybe prep a charger/notepad/device separate from viewing device.

I wont be able to see any comments coming through on instagram live as I wont have my phone on me, so if you have any questions/feedback/comments/added advice, please tell me via the comments section of this post! I will be opening up the last 10-15 minutes for questions at the end of my lecture to those present in the lecture, but I still wanna connect after the event is over, so leave your comment and Ill do my very best to get back to you.


I recommend to print the chart out below or find one just google search "life wheel" or "balance chart". This will be an in class activity happening between 11:30 & 11:40am.