To all the mothers, sisters, friends and wives:

not only are we infinitive, but we are perfectly small and meek. 

meek in the sense of the word that we are as strong as a mouse and as tender as an elephant. 

we are as giant as the clouds and as innocent as a baby shark.

mamas, we deserve it all but we are content with the sands of the desert and roads.

Girls, we are gentle little birds with wings like Phoenix's. 

We decide the weather of our hearts. We can be any element of this earth, but I choose fire. 

i choose ice that would love to melt in warmth. 

we can be softness in the smoke or we can be rocks under the soft pink sun setting sky.

i hope I choose to be water against lava rumble, fire dancing on the soft wood, plastic in safe places. 

i hope as women we choose. 

we choose to be gentle but strong-willed.  

We choose to listen to the gentle words of a man's voice and choose not to listen to the man telling us what to do in anger. 

We happily listen to the man that puts his hand gently on our hearts. Warmth replaces cold. 

my little bird: please choose all seasons, all elements and all joys.  

we can be the chooser of happiness.