PHOTOS BY || Roxy Facer

I am so excited to share my next art installation! For those that follow me on instagram, you know that I LOVE to document the progression of my work. And man, have I progressed. I am actually super embarrassed of the art I was doing a year ago. But, we all live and learn. It is the same with my surfing. Growing up in California in the culture of the surf world I never felt like I belonged to the "hip" crew. I didn't actually progress at all in my surfing until I was challenged in the bigger, stronger, faster waves of Hawaii. I grew to crave that excitement and adrenaline that the Hawaii waters give you. Don't get me wrong, I love California waves, but Hawaii has taught me more thn I could have imagined.

My love for surfing stemmed from my brother pushing me into waves twice my size, or my dad throwing me in the ocean before I was ready. It was those comfort zones that were pushed that brought me closer to the ocean. 

My love for art stemmed from the beauty of the ocean views from high above. I wouldn't have been able to find inspiration if I didn't push my comfort zones and risk crashing the drone everytime I flew it! Ha, life progresses when you push yourself. And damn, I get scared EVERY time I sit down to paint. I get scared EVERY time I fly the drone. I get scared EVERY time I paddle out in bigger surf. But man, I the excitement for the outcome trumps everything else. Like I am chasing the laughter and inspiration I get from that final piece, or that photo or video I get from the drone. I want to walk on water or feel the drop on a bigger wave. 

All my passions in life come from a type of flow: yoga, surfing, painting, cinematography. The water is what moves me, and now I get to clash a couple of my passions into something I've dreamed of my whole life. This first time around it wont be perfect as what I am doing I have never done before. But an art piece that is functional and lets me live my passions is something I can barely contain! I am so excited to show everyone what I am working on. For now, I am grateful for this ocean and support system I have (my husband & all those always lifting me up!). Keep on paddling friends!