This guy...before I go into how amazing our photographer was, let me tell you about my anchor. He's there for me as quick as I need him. And I can just hope I am learning to be less selfish and serving him more. Over this winter break we spent a lot of time at a cherished beach cove I grew up going to. He is there for me without complaints helping me grow my passion for art and drone. He is patient and loving, and sometimes I think he is just too good for me. I love this home we are building within eachother that cultivates creativity and patience. And when things go crooked as life sometimes do, he is there to ground me. He is so mindful and humble and I am so lucky to have him in this journey of life.

He is the playful one wanting to jump in the freezing 55 degree water on this shoot. One of my favorite traits about him is his tendencies to be a bit childish in all the best ways. To let go of what people think or to do what makes you happy. Bobby is not one for "lovey" photoshoots but he hopped on board. We were able to shoot with an amazing up-and-coming film photographer and I can't wait to show you some of her work. Lauren, you are a beautiful being inside & out.


And I am not trying to be all self-loving saying we look "stunning" in these photos. I am talking about the photographer's eye. Before the film camera caught her interest, she would put beautiful poems out there for everyone to just sink their teeth into. 

She asked Bobby & I when we would be in California next and wondered if we would be her models. Of course I said yes in a heartbeat knowing what beauty she captures and light that streams into her lens flawlessly. It was more of a compliment to me that she wanted to shoot us, then us "just doing her a favor". I am beyond blown away by these images. The way she frames her subjects, and how she can fully bring to life such emotion. That to me is true art when you get that overwhelming feeling she is purposefully trying to bring out through her photos.

Take a scroll if you care to, but I just wanted to dote on the way she captured my engagement ring. No one has ever been able to show its true beauty in a photo, and I am so happy we got the chance to be her "models" for the night. Thank you Lauren! You are an amazing photographer and we are so lucky to have these images! To see more of her amazing work, take a PEEK.

swimmer: ELE SWIMS