Finding my style has been something I've been seeking for years. Growing up I always forced my creativity to a breaking point, where I couldn't create anymore. Little did I know my passion would come so naturally and in the time I wasn't looking for it. Creating aerial images with a drone has caught my attention and will never let go in this lifetime. I had yet to see aerial imagery in a painting, and tho I am not fully painting in the impressionist style, and not fully realistic, I've been searching to give it a name and a place in the world. I didn't know what to call the seascapes from above until my husband came up with the name "MarAlto" style. Meaning "above the sea" in Spanish. I took hold right away having my first love of the sea grow from the Spanish town I grew up in. We documented the first massive painting I painted in the MarAlto style.

Video by : @supersilia

Music by : @justincourage see his songs here:)

One night after about 3 days of adding layers to my brother's desk-to-be, he just simply came into the garage turned paint studio and asked me if I wanted to fill this space on his wall he had specially made for an art piece years ago. The wall space is 6ft by 5 ft.

"Ha, you're joking, right? You better not be joking." Those were my thoughts as I grew increasingly more excited of painting a piece to fill a space 6ft by 5ft.

Anyone that is close to me has known that's where I eventually want to be in my painting be painting on a big scale. I knew how I felt about painting a 2x3 foot piece and how much I love it, and I knew I would just get lost (in a good way) in a piece of this scale. That night, impulsive and as rad as my brother and wife are, they bought all the supplies and got in contact with a custom wood piece to be made.

I extended my winter break to stay in California and paint for him. And tho my husband and I weren't able to document all the steps that go into an art piece of this scale, maybe I can show or tell just a bit about the process.

After prepping the wood and setting up the paints and all that goes with the paints... I prepared for 2 layers a day filling 6-8 layers. Eight days later, filled with 35 hours + of concentration I was able to bring an ocean to life.

Ehukai is a beach on the north shore of Oahu, and my brother takes his family there every year. I took the art section by section, not really knowing I was painting Ehukai until we took it out of the garage and stepped back. There was the channel, the sandbar, the whitewash pushing at the angle it usually does in spring time. Lost in the process, so happily lost. Glad we were able to capture a small part of the process and document my first time completing a piece of this scale.

Honestly when he first asked me I thought I would get scared to paint it. To be scared that I wouldn't make anything good enough to be in his house. I've gotten scared to paint for people, but I think the bigger I paint, the more comfortable I become. The bigger I paint the more able I am to play with shapes and shadows. The depth that it brings and the attention it demands is something I can't take full credit for. I trust in the flow of my paints and my love for the ocean to take control.