Yes, there is a semi-science to the art of getting a piece secured on the wall .—it's called a screw! *queue the applause*

There are two different ways I prefer to hang my artwork.

#1. Hanging flush to the wall with a nail.


#2. Hanging on a wire (Depending on weight). You will have to attach d-rings and a wire. Check out this youtube video.


If you’re hanging art on plaster or drywall grab: a drill, measuring tape and pencil. For heavier pieces: a stud-finder or wall-plug anchors and a screw that is 2.5” to 5”. Now, hang the thing!

See blog post about measuring your piece to see how to find where the screw will go. Mark where the middle of your artwork should go (remember to take into account the space between top of piece and wood it will be hanging off of)!


Now that its marked grab your drill and screw. Keep in mind, you should be using 1 nail per 30 pounds. Leave some nail out of the wall for artwork to hang off of.

If you're hanging a super-heavy piece, first use a stud-finder to locate a stud and see if it's in a logical location for your nail to go. If it is, drill a screw in and be done. If the stud is in a weird location, use the anchor-and-screw method instead: Drill a pilot-hole, tap the plastic anchor into it, then screw a screw into that, leaving it to stick out just enough that the nail catch on the edge of the piece, or the wire.