n the beginning of May I spoke for the Willes Center at the college I graduated from in June 2016 in their Lecture Series class (it's an amazing class, I took it back in 2012). I was asked to speak on how I meshed my love for business and my creative life as an entrepreneur. It's an hour long of a "speech" and the first I had ever done. Thank you Taylor Steele and those that invited me to speak at one of my favorite departments at the school.

Some background for those who are/have watched this: I am not a public speaker. I don't do very well in big crowds; but ever since my first collaborative art show in February 2017 at the Surf Jack Hotel, I have slowly felt myself coming out of this shell I hid in.

I had written this speech in the form of photographs, with notes to go with each slide back in January. I was supposed to speak in April but the professors and staff at the Willies Center were so accommodating to my ever-changing schedule and travels. So when May came around and I was getting closer to speaking, I had bottled up a lot of nerves. But why? It was already written and I should feel comfortable speaking at my own school.

A lot happened for me from the time of January - May. About a week before the lecture, I had my first art show at my first gallery in Hawaii, and once that night was over I turned my attention to the preparation for this public speaking event.

I was reading a couple books, but the one that helped the most was "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert (she was the one who wrote "Eat, Pray, Love"). I watched and listened to some podcasts/videos about letting go of fears of being in the public eye, speaking and attending events, where I may be the center of attention.

Then, that week went by so fast. I was busy painting, collaborating with clients and working on a side business. The day of the speech was here. Instead of pacing the room scared, I put my nerves in my back pocket to disturb me some other day. I was asked to speak about my history and growth in my business life - and I wanted to give it the respect I felt it deserved.

Needless to say the outcome and confidence I gained in myself from that day was monumental. It even took me this long to post about it (I had to stop watching once I started talking about my "justbree art") haha. So thank you if you were there to listen, ask questions and be present for that day. Thank you if you are watching this later in the future. Thank you for your support and love. Without it I would still be hiding under a rock ;)

Much love,