Everyday I get comments from friends, "Bree you are always so busy!". I never know if they are saying this in a good way or a bad way, but for me its always a good thing. I love to be busy, I love to pack my days with the things I love most. Trust me, I love my alone time and will veg out to the show I am watching for hours...but my A.D.D. is always at work in my brain. It is like I am prioritizing things constantly in my mind. One thing takes importance, and before I'm finished with that task I'm already thinking about the next thing. Aside from painting, I do eyelash extensions out of my home, teach yoga locally here in Hawaii, AND am co-owner of Rubias Collective. A media production team my good friend Roxy and I started to bring a different side of videos to the island. I just wanted to brad about my business partner on here but also show you some of my favorite videos we've created and why I love them.


This I would say is one of my all time favorite videos. Roxy was the model (we don't usually use ourselves as models unless we have an idea we want to act on right away). I got to film it all on the Ronin Stabilizer and I just love how it turned out. Like a big moving photo. 


You know the opening to my website? It is this video. All my painting are inspired by footage of the ocean from aerial view, and this whole video was done on a drone. It's always a pleasure to be flying that baby copter.


When we were just starting up we had the kindest friend help us get on our feet. Andrea is such a sweet soul and we were able to capture here amazing recipes in video form. I definitely prefer to shoot near the ocean cause that's my element, but seeing the final products of these videos would make me giddy!



Okay, I saved the best for last. One, Malia is such a good friend to help us out when we had an idea and had to run with it. We had just conjured up the idea that Rubias was going to be a business even though we had no idea where it would take us. We knew we wanted Malia to be in the video so we could look reliable haha. Like we would actually have a real model in front of our camera. Still to this day I love the video. Maybe because it was our first official Rubias video, or maybe because I just love Malia. Either way many thanks to all those who have supported Rubias along the way.

Lastly, this is us! We are a small team but we get the job done and I wouldn't have it any other way. We started this venture exactly nine months ago and I couldn't be more happy with where we are headed. Rox and I have definitely wanted to throw in the rag a couple times, but every time we were pushed down we let our past (and future) videos lift us back up. Love you Roxy, thanks for being the best business partner/rubia!