I have always imagined paradise to be what heaven looks like. I left the sand out of this because I wanted the feeling to be very "air-y". I wanted to feel like you were being "transported" into paradise, and on the way there these blue hues are just swirling around.


I was contacted by a gal from Laguna Beach to create for her. She gave me freedom to create whatever I wanted. She gave me photos of her space and said go for it! Of course, I hit the ground running and added 7 layers of resin to each circular piece, and man, it was a blast. As I was painting I put aside the questions like "will she like this?", "is this too abstract?" and just put paint on canvas. I put aside the fears of creating something for someone and created it for myself. 

When I am asked to paint for someone, they are trusting me to paint a piece after seeing one of mine they liked, or just for my style overall. They will be receiving a piece influenced by the events going on in my life at that exact moment, the songs I am listening to as I paint, or the nature going on during those days in Hawaii. I put the white resin down on the canvas on a day when the clouds were spectacular. The dark blue came in when the swell was starting to build here on the north shore and the dark blue water was really showing off. 

I really loved this challenge, and I am so stoked to have it turn out better than I ever expected. As I am growing and still experimenting with this art style, I am so grateful to all those who have supported my journey either with kind words, or giving me the chance to paint for them. With the most humble heart, I thank you.