“summer with friends”


Who is missing? What is missing?

Those that are incredible, Too incredible to understand

We are unfathomable, but so simple.

We move in beats of songs, we create anything

Everything in pieces.

We implode our little planets

We explode sandcastles and airplanes.

We are woven in wars, sorrows, and nuclear bombs

But we remember and are reminded of this war.

Time to be treated in love and strength

Trust is being blonde, strong, brown, blue.

Bleu is on her way, she will show her face soon

In a painting, a song, a movie, but trust me.

She will only show her face in secret because she is mine

She is sacred that bleu. She is strong and meek.

Bleu is everywhere in all of her footprints

The lines on her fingertips, the freckles on her arms and thighs.

Destruction is clouded from her perfect little eyes

She likes being hidden from the world where the world can only

see her through her perfect blue-colored glasses.

Last weekend I had the honor to hold a yin yoga workshop. A class that is meant to be very grounding and humbling for the students turned me into the student. Grateful there was a sacred space for women to come together this month of May and enjoy uplift and be there for eachother. Thank you wellwomen retreat! Emma, keep doing this, we all need more of it. Thank you Lauren & Mona & Natalie and all the other women that supported me that day.