My Sunday mornings are my days to relax and rest. I usually pull my works that are in "draft mode" and add a relaxing touch to them before church. 

This morning I woke up and didn't pick up my phone or go straight to my laptop. I started writing. I had no plans, expectations, or intentions to write a poem or even start painting. But I embarrassingly will share what I wrote...

Glad I could hunker down and paint this piece afterwards: 


"I am His" 

You are my rock. My land. My island. 

I am the pebble that washed ashore. 

The day I came to earth, I was cleansed, loved, teased & tossed. 

I was thrown back into the water only to find myself tumbled, chipped and softened. 

I lay on the sand among the other pebbles.  

Far from the water but yearning to go back, to feel it's cleansing powers.

Little does the chipped pebble know, she is soft, smooth, strong and able to be rolled into the water. 

The ribbons and glass of its water will protect her, cleanse her and keep her beautiful. 

Tides will change but she now knows she is safe in sand or in the water.