That's the name my fellow artist/friend came up with when deciding what to call our upcoming art show. Both of us influenced by seascapes when it comes to painting our art, and coming together for an art show was more than I could have imagined! Thanks Matt for being willing to join forces! Here is a link to his art or if you wanna contact him for an original!

A massive reason I did an art show with a fellow friend was because it's scary putting yourself out there and honestly, I hate asking people to give me attention. Little did I know that was exactly the opposite of what transpired that night. Everyone came together to talk about life, art, socialize, and say hi. I loved every minute of it, and time did not slow down. It came and went pretty fast but I am so grateful for those who drove down from the North Shore to give their warm wishes! Here are some photos/video from the event, and I wish I could have gotten a photo with everyone!

Before I send you off to look at the rest of the photos, I would like to give a special thanks to Matt Beacham & his wife Emily, my husband for taking all the photos, Matty Raynor for helping me complete my first surfboard in time for the art show, Andrew Storer for the rad recap video, & of course Casea from the SurfJack Hotel for hosting all of us!