My love for the ocean started when I was 6 years old, having my grandfather push me into waves at San Onofre. Growing up in San Clemente with a family of surfers, the beach was always where you could find us. From Saturday traditions of surfing then to I Love Bagels, to bonfires every Monday night after a sunset surf, to casual summer days spent all day in the water I grew to love the ocean by not just surfing its waves but just being surrounded by it. 

My love for surfing only grew so much when I met my now-husband in the water. Our dates were simply just paddling out together whether the waves were big or small. It's so awesome to get to know someone out in the water! No pressure to talk if you don't want to, and you both are so supportive when the other catches a wave. I love Bobby and I love that we have this love of the water we can share. 

A friend of mine Roxy and I started a videography company called Rubias Collective and the idea came to us because of our love of surfing. Surfing as girls in this surf culture that is only just starting to accept us in. Us girls bring a feminine, strong, courageous side of surfing the culture has only seen bits of in the years previous. I am so grateful to share my love of surfing through the videos we create.

My love for the ocean completely drives my art and my love for yoga. Flow with me.