Epoxy resin was first patented to create teeth and other dental fixtures in the 1930’s and also encapsulate small insects and novelty items as far back as we know to 1890’s originating in Russia. It further evolved into adhesive uses, flooring, and on boats. You may know people who use it as varnish on wood, and many restraunts coat their tables in it. Surfboards were coated in fiberglass at the invention back in the 30’s to lighten the weight of the board. Why the history lesson? Because I want to make known that this material is still very new. And because its new, we are still trying to perfect it. Because it is composed material made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers it doesn’t have a reputation of a very safe chemical to breathe. Up until a few years ago, most epoxies will yellow within 6 months to 15 years after setting.

I have tried many different resins, especially in my early expirmentation years before I started selling my artwork. One that I found very pretty was a table top resin I found off Amazon, but man those fumes were really bad, even with a mask on! It was more affordable to paint pieces with but when I felt like it was effecting my health I decided to research every available option and throw more money at a safe resin.

Before I get into the resin I use and what I’ve found to love about it, let me show you something. This is an expirementation done on many of the top epoxies and what happened when they were exposed to Arizona sun for 8 weeks: tested by a third party site



So I use the highest quality resin because artshould be archival safe. Most artworks can be on walls that find sun on it for a few hours a day. If you or someone you know is using a resin that yellows, just be careful when selling to others as their shelf life may be very very short.  


My health and the health of others is very important and the Art Resin company uses materials that make it non-toxic. I only smell fumes once I start torching for bubbles. Here’s an excerpt from them directly. 

 “ArtResin is non-toxic when used as directed.This means that if you follow the instructions for use, there is no cause for concern or risk to one’s health. We've had this certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials; ArtResin conforms toASTM D4236: Safe for Home Use.

This is entirely unique for an epoxy resin, as most formulas require scary warning labels to let users know the product is poisonous, carcinogenic and/or hazardous to the environment. The ArtResin formula is an extremely pure formula made from the purest raw materials. There are no solvents or cheap diluents that other epoxy resin brands use to stretch the material. As a result, everything reacts in the chemical reaction leaving nothing behind. This means there are no VOCs or fumes coming off the product into the air, which can cause respiratory distress and other serious health problems.”