Around this time six years ago I started my yoga teacher training in Aliso Viejo, California at a studio that took my under their wing for the two years previous. I was this junior in high school only wanting to be a grown up. I had my life mapped out and being a yoga teacher was starting to become part of that plan. If my mentors didn't instill the confidence in me that I would be good teacher, I probably would have taken the training and left it at that. But I sought studios to teach at, mostly teaching students twice my age with triple the amount of life experiences I had. But teaching quickly became my passion. My love for doing yoga was there 110%, and my love for teaching was climbing to that level. 
Six years later I am still teaching. The longest break I have taken from teaching was about 3 months due to health issues. I now teach at Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu and they are so good to me! If I bring up an idea, they are so keen to try it out. We brought SUP yoga to the resort and I was honored to teach that for a year until another hotel department didn't want that class going on anymore. I was teaching that this AMAZING blue deck over-looking the East side of the island (hands-down the best place I have ever taught/practiced yoga).
And now I am juggling all my other endeavors, but I will never let teaching fall to the wayside. Now I am just going week-by-week. Quite literally I am letting my students know at the beginning of every week when and where my donation based class will be held, and I am really loving this system. I get to teach in new places, and spreading the locations out means getting new students where it is closer to home for them! It's so fun! 


This was from the class I taught a couple days ago in this perfect sand cove right on the water. I chose this beach because the sand is so comforting and it is a perfect place to watch the sunset. We have lots of possibilities of where to teach and how we feel when we practice yoga!  So check in often on my yoga page as I will be updating my schedule when I know the schedule myself; and I hope to see you there!


Photos by Heather Goodman & Roxy Facer