Thank you Greenroom Gallery for hosting this artwork in your Gallery for Shawn to find it. This was the final piece that resided over the cash register in the shop since my art show at the end of April. It was the last one to go: and I am so happy it was the last big piece to leave the gallery from my first batch. It gave me time to visit it every time I went into the gallery and meeting Shawn for the signing of the artwork made me more stoked to see where it was going. 

This piece was painting back in early 2017 during long mornings when the waves weren't so great. I was learning to balance my life indoors and my passions I have outdoors. The darker water symbolizes the ocean calling and the light/white half symbolizes home. During this time I found an hour or two to paddle out and after realizing I was working a lot and not really surfing I had to adjust a slight bit. I have slowly become a full-time artist and that is a lot to handle when you go from work and surfing a lot to maybe putting a lot of energy into one thing for a whole month. I love the push and pull of this piece and know its in an amazing home.