I write my thoughts about each piece to remember the feelings I have for it before it gets sent off to its new home. You may not read about every piece-that doesn't make those ones any less special. 

This work for me was done in a hurry. I couldn't help myself, it was so full of intent. It is one I loved SO much so my expectation was that it would be plucked right from my website. Maybe it was meant to stay in my home or maybe it wasn't loved by my insta following. Either way, we sadly plucked it from our home to give to Greenroom Gallery in Waikiki. Why was I sad? I wasn't ready to let it go. I thought because I painted it in a couple days it would be bought in a day. I'm glad the universe gave me time to love on it. And I'm so grateful for Greenroom open to adopt it temporarily before it's true owners from Germany found it 💙


Photo taken from Andrew Storer's video we made over the last couple months in my home and around my home. The love for this piece is endless. 


This artwork was painted after all the images/stories I have seen and heard, of Indonesian waters. At the time I painted it, I was told of Indo Waters being a dark emerald green: Haunting, almost surreal. For me to attempt this piece it was daunting. How could I paint a piece after Waters I have never swam in? I don't know, but I did anyways. It felt like I literally had to leap into this one. 

I now see Indonesian waters, even tho the closest thing to that color was in Sri Lanka. Someday soon I hope to visit Bali and be re-inspired to paint its gorgeous water. For now I will paint her emeralds and revel in its gold flecks on the bending waves during its long golden hour. This piece in one word: PEACE.



What do you see? Comment below I would love to make this an online forum of what you see in an art piece. The ocean? The world? Gold flecks on darker waters? I've heard lots, but would love to hear more.