This one // I loved creating it and the challenge of new colors opened up a whole new world of hues for me.

Maggie: magnificent's sister


Who could ever learn to love a color one has never loved?


A person with a wild imagination. A creative who gets lost in the process.


Viewed as odd or different from the rest: this color unliked is just like the lucky person with the wild imagination.


The crazy person who can't sleep when her imagination runs wild with colors new and old. 


The old colors used to be loved by this girl until she slowly started only seeing certain hues.


She lost her sense of touch. Her sense of grace was muddled in graceful chaos.


This color is a blend of many and some call her Maggie, others mistake her for her brother "Magnificent".


Maggie learned to push through the tough, rough and daunting only to find she enjoyed her blending...for her blending holds her history, genealogy, and layers no one else will ever carry.


She peers down at herself to only see one color and that color is named Maggie the brave.





Poem written on a flight from LAX to HNL for Harris Family based on their painting done in the months of March to June 2017. It is the sister piece to a Maralto style named Magnificent.