"Resonating Peace"

2.5 ft x 5.5 ft or 30in. x 66in.

July 2017 

Resin & acrylic on wood


Rose gold streaming through the sand like the peaceful wind that passes while we are out in nature. Minimal hints of a lavender symbolizing the flow of color that streams through our eyes, like a playful ribbon in the whitewash. The blue covering the white wash like a blanket of soothing calmness. I hope whoever feels a pull to this artwork will have it in their home to bring true peace and maybe even a little free-flow playfulness. 

*please excuse some reflections on the photographs as the smooth reflective surface of the resin will naturally 

The flow and feeling of this artwork is peace. As an artist who struggles finding sleep when my overactive brain only wants to paint, I tried to channel into this artwork a sense of soothing for the overactive/overworked physical body.