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Back in college I met this girl Courtney (she goes by the name Elle). She had come to a yoga class on the blue deck years ago with this idea of a swimsuit company. I told her right then and there after my yoga class that I will do whatever she needs, so that I can support her. It's been amazing to watch her grow and flourish into a brand where girls feel beautiful in. It's truly an art: (swimwear design) for girl's bodies - and man she makes girls feel sexy with that retro crotch and long legged feel.  

Years have gone by in our relationship and she has seen me graduate from art school and turn my passion for painting into the real deal. I have seen her expand and grow, its been a pleasure to watch. She did a little interview here on this post & giveaway rules are at the bottom :)

Photog of this little Bronco shoot: Asher Lundquist haha the butterball of the Lundquist family.


What was the inspiration behind using resin?

 My inspiration/spark initially was getting a drone & seeing the imagery that came from it. It morphs almost everyday because as a creative thinker, I feel like my ideas are constantly being tossed and turned by inspiring things all around me. Not sure if that's the yoga brain in me, but I pull inspiration from water mostly.

Movement & blue hues. I pull inspiration from other creative women that put their plans into actions & creative men that keep their thoughts honed. I'm lucky to have grown up with a huge mix of passionate people around me.

Tell us a little bit about the physical process that goes into your pieces.

Oh man, physically it's so straining. Like any hands-on work, I am literally breaking my back every day bending over and crouching in weird positions. Don't even get me started about the mask I wear during painting. I have a deep love/hate relationship with that stupid mask haha.

Let's see, 100% of the time; physically, I am sweating, getting Charlie horses, trying not to get resin in my hair, trying to stop the drips of salt water coming from my nose, & so much more. Crying gets involved when I am over the top stressed. But let's not go into that haha.

How has this creative outlet made your life better?

 My life better? I'm not sure if that's the word I would use. If better, means seeming successful then yes, it seems better.

I would say my creative doors have opened wide and I have trouble shutting those doors sometimes. If it were up to me I would give away every artwork, but the stress of money is always looming.

This outlet has always been here for me, as I was taught to paint by two women: an old woman named rose at the age of 2, and my mother. I used to facilitate paint wards in high school...

I just found something I loved to do while I was in my last semester of school that piqued my interest. I have an intense personality and when I see what I want, I go for it (sometimes at the pace of a turtle, but it will always be in the back of my mind until I complete it). 

How can people stay authentic in their own artistic expressions?

This one seems to be a touchy subject.

I have talked about this a lot and have gotten backlash about it because people didn't think I was being authentic in my videography business (@rubiascollective). Everyone wants to first: support themselves and their art; then send their support outwards to others. To be authentic with yourself you have to be completely vulnerable and honest with yourself. Ask yourself the harder questions or wait until your loved ones do; either way what goes around comes around. 

In my business and personal life I try to balance my integrity & my passionate self. How does one balance a professional life that blends with her personal life? You have to find gentle separate before you need to have harsh separation. Be honest, be kind, and most of all be gentle. 

How do you stay balanced?

Dang, did you read my mind before I even answered these?! Haha I love the word balance. What an intention that is: balance.

Do you believe in Zodiac signs? Might be weird for some but I am a Taurus, I live mostly in my head (always have). My husband is a libra; and the symbol for that is the Greek style weight balance. I like to believe in this stuff maybe just for fun, but its also kinda interesting ancient stuff.  

I would say my main source of balance is my love for art, yoga, and ocean. Secondarily my balancer is my husband (which he mixes into all those creative outlets almost everyday). He keeps my head on straight when outside forces are throwing me off. I can ask him a question and he (sometimes) knows the answer I need to hear. Other times he just knows little quirks I have to calm me down when I get too stressed out. 

Favorite thing about living in Hawaii?

Similar loves I have everywhere else. But Hawaii is home for Bobby & I as a couple. We move around a lot because of flight benefits but every time we touch down where our home & stuff resides...it's just a feeling.

Yoga, art, surfing, droning, the usual.

The people on the island also make it worth living here. We have lived in a couple towns of Oahu and every single one has its pros and cons. We all would love to escape to an island but home is where you feel rooted (whatever that means for you).

Thanks Elle for the questions! Stoked to always work with you, now when can I get another suit;) I gave away the one I took the most photos in haha (the white one lays perfectly clean in Hawaii. 


I recently did work for Adidas and Refinery 29, and I had to get into the shoes very literally. I walked around in a brand new pair every day. I made sure they were clean and unworn from the outside & a pair for the outside. Being a creative you sort of have to change into the companies "moods" to get into the vibe of the company - so that's what I did for Ele Swims. I love every pair she sends me and usually I end up giveaway all my own swimmers because I know there are girls out there that can rock it better than me.


in all honesty I don't love doing giveaways unless I truly know it could benefit (so I'm really trying to change up the 'giveaway' term and turn it to 'freebies' cause that's what these are: free handouts for the winner to do whatever they want with the gift from the creators. 💙 

So without further ramblings by me, here are the rules to the giveaway:

1. Please leave your email in the comments below.

2. Like one @eleswims photo & one @justbree photo of your choice.

3. That's it! Winner will be announced on @eleswim's story on Sunday. Good luck everyone :)


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