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This stunning and staple piece in the "Unfolding" collection highlights and celebrates the unplanned turns that truly "unfolding" yourself brings along. This work is displayed behind the musical stage of the Malibu Gives Sanctuary. Allowing song and sound fill the gaps and spaces, the most perfect imperfections create room for more love and abundance to enter in. 

Before, during, or after being collected, this piece has the option to become an interactive plane in the future, where we place crystals inside and seal with Bree’s main medium of resin.

In purchasing this piece (or any of the "Unfolding" collection), you will have the opportunity to donate a percentage of the proceeds to any charity/non-profit of your choice.




For more information, please contact sunny@justbree.com 

*This piece is currently on display at Malibu Gives in Malibu, CA--to view in person, please email malibugives@gmail.com