Bobby Poort

He's been there from the beginning, and some would even say he's her muse. Bobby, Bree's husband is the surf partner, canvas maker, travel buddy & art encourager. Over the years, Bobby has transitioned his work life to meld with Bree's helping her in most capacities and enjoying the adventerous ride.



Am artist herself, Ashley has worked for Bree as her studio manager and personal assistant since the beginning of 2019. If you find yourself in contact with Bree's email, you might be in contact with Ashley also. She knows the inner workings of Bree's work and has been a joy to have around the California studio.

Sydney Carpenter

Bree's Hawaii personal assistant. While Bree is in California, Sydney is helping things run smoothly back on the island, whether it's dropping off at galleries or preparing the studio, Sydney is such a gem to have by the artist's side.